Therapy &  Room &  Yoga

It opened quietly in the housing complex about 30 minutes from Hiroshima city. "Nama-Stay-Cool" is a space started at your own pace by two people who love excitement and nature. We are travel-loving therapists. Based on the philosophy that physical and mental health is of the utmost importance, we want our guests to spend a relaxing and energetic time, so that they can stay as comfortably as possible. We provide such facilities and services. We would like you to use it even for those who want to spend a little time away from the busy daily life. I'm doing it loosely, so please come and visit me if you like ~

* Private lodging is for one group per day (2 to 3 people), and yoga is for private lessons only.

★Approaching to being Healthy and Natural★ 


Shampoos, conditioners, detergents, towels, etc. are domestically produced and additive-free, and are kind to the body and the earth. The walls of the guest rooms and therapy rooms are painted with diatomaceous earth made of only natural materials. The yoga studio and kitchen use many certified environmental paints that adhere to safety standards. (We chose a product that people with asthma and allergies can use with confidence)

2) Water

For water, we have introduced an all-water purification system (Mizu Tsukuri  https://www.mizutukuri.co.jp/index.html ) throughout the building . Since both a water purifier and a water purifier are installed, you can feel not only the safety but also the deliciousness of pure water. Since it is installed for all water in the facility, you can use it with confidence in the washbasin, toilet, bath, and laundry.

3) Body Care

We have a small yoga studio and a therapy room. Please let us know if you are worried about your physical condition, want to move your body such as yoga, or have a sauna or massage. (There is a therapy discount for overnight guests.) There are also simple massage chairs and foot bath facilities (free of charge), so feel free to use them according to your physical condition.

Come Stay Enjoy with us!!