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★ Access to Nama-Stay-Cool

1 minute walk from the Hiroden Bus "Yamada Danchi"!

About 30 minutes without transfer from Hiroshima Bus Center! (Approximately 15 minutes by bus from JR "Nishi Hiroshima" station)

From Hiroshima Bus Center

Take the Hiroden Bus (No. 52-1 for Yamada Danchi / Misuzugaoka) and get off at "Yamada Danchi" and walk for 1 minute (about 30 minutes from the bus center). It is the next bus stop of "Yamada Danchi Shimo". Since the names are similar, please do not make a mistake. (You can walk enough even if you make a mistake)

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From JR(Sanyo line) train station "Nishi-Hiroshima”

Take the Hiroden Bus (No. 52-1 for Yamada Danchi / Misuzugaoka) and get off at "Yamada Danchi" and walk for 1 minute (about 15 minutes from Nishi Hiroshima (Koi)). (The bus stop is on the opposite side of the road, turning right at the wide road ahead of the Nishi-Hiroshima station roundabout (the bus stop is written as "Koi").

★ Surrounding information

  • Oni ga Shiroyama --- A small mountain with a panoramic view of Hiroshima city. Recommended for a light walk. (Approximately 10 minutes on foot to the trailhead and approximately 30 minutes from the trailhead to the summit.
  • Restaurants --- Because it is a residential area, there are not many places to eat. There are okonomiyaki restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and izakaya within walking distance (about 15 minutes). Okonomiyaki can be delivered to home (Okonomiyaki is often used by us. It is delicious and recommended!)
  • " The Outlet " --- A large shopping mall opened in recent years. There are leisure facilities such as movie theaters, karaoke, and skating rinks. About 25 minutes on foot.
  • "Direx" --- A discount store that has just opened. We have everything from daily necessities, fresh foods, medicines, etc. Opposite "The Outlet". 20 minutes on foot.
  • " White and ink " --- Old tools and a small cafe. It's a cute cafe. You can check the business days online. 2 minutes on foot.


Yamadashinmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture


Business hours

Therapy (complete reservation required) 

Thursday 9: 00-20: 00

Sunday 14: 00-20: 00

Every other Monday 9: 00-20: 00 

* Private lodging and yoga lessons are open irregularly. Please contact us.

* Nama-Stay-Cool is located in a residential area, so it is very quiet. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation so that you can refrain from making loud noises at night.